Sensex down! Whats the reason?

What a sensational rumour! The sensex is down because a big group which was holding a lot of share across various counters today continued selling! There was a vested interest for a lot of people – a big power IPO has many stakeholders you see. So all the kings men and all the kings horses held the market up till the IPO numbers came in. Now that the nos. have come in, they just let go…and down went the market. Ha ha what a joke

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3 Comments on “Sensex down! Whats the reason?”

  1. rahul garg Says:

    sensex is goes down because there is lack of flexibility in stock market. main reason behind that is selling and buying shares without giving any kind of permission.
    another reason is that lot many foreign players come in india and dealing with our securities in a huge amonut ..

  2. swapan chakraborty Says:

    when it will be solve

  3. lamin jain Says:

    no..its totally wrong main reason behind this is inflation..its continuously hike

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