Stop seeking tips. Seek financial education

When I conduct financial seminars – business and personal finance, many people think the fees is too high.

My only take is if you think financial education is expensive at 20k for a session, please analyze the cost of financial ignorance!

That is really high.

Financial education is about being more careful. Financial ignorance can cost you the moon, earth and the sun! So instead of seeking financial tips, seek financial education it is worth its weight in gold.

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2 Comments on “Stop seeking tips. Seek financial education”

  1. You are correct that financial ignorance can be costly. Just ask anyone who has heard of Bernie Madoff.

    Financial education can take many forms: self education through seminars and books or through the advice of a trusted financial professional. I tell my clients that if they are looking for a financial professional, they need to do some research and interview prospective professionals.

    Ask questions on experience (what is your background and training), client profile (how many clients and profile of typical clients), compensation (how are you paid), customer service and past problems. They should also call the SIPC and the FINRA to find out if the broker has a valid license.

  2. joshuagamen Says:

    such a great comment. a tip never made anyone great at anything, an education, makes professionals at anything.

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