charitable giving in the mythology

Continuing my Art of giving, I decided to look into our mythology to find some interesting stories. The first story that I was reminded of was a story of Duryodhana, Karna and Lord Krishna.

Duryodhana was a big hearted guy and did a lot of charity. However, he was a little upset that only Karna was called “dhanveer” and not Duryodhana himself.

He queried Lord Krishna about this.

He said, I will answer you in due course.

Once Lord Krishna went to Duryodhana and told him “3 days hence I am doing a yagna, please keep firewood ready for the same”

Duryodhana thought this was a child’s play and said “of course I will”.

However, Krishna organised heavy rainfall for the next 3 days and there was not respite at all.

On the morning of the yagna he went to Duryodhana and asked for the firewood.

Duryodhana replied “It was raining for all the 3 days, I could not organise the firewood”. Krishna said a promise is a promise and “you have failed to give”. Let us go to Karna, I had asked him also for firewood.

On reaching Karna’s palace, Duryodhana and Krishna were surprised to find that Karna had removed the roofing of his house and kept it ready for the yagna!

Thus when you want to do something you can, when you do not want to do something you give excuses. Either treat it as a myth or as a management story. But give, and give we all can.

I like which does a lot of work (world’s largest can be called a lot, correct) for the welfare of kids…lets contribute our mite

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3 Comments on “charitable giving in the mythology”

  1. Manish Chandra Says:


    Like the article very much, there is way if the will is there.

  2. sukumar Says:

    Where there is a will, there is a way – so true. Surely if you want to do something, your mind tries to find that solution. If you do not want to do something, your mind tries to do it that way. In life you always find time to do things you wish to do…and no time to do those things we do not wish to do!

  3. Niraj Says:

    Jai Sri Krishna
    My salutations to all readers. As far as I know this incident is true except that its NOT Duryodhan but Yudhishthira who had that doubt in his mind as Yudhishthir being a dharmatma did a lots of daan. Duryodhan was never a big hearted guy. Its precisely this reason that at the Rajsuya yagna Karna was requested to be incharge of the charity section by the Pandavas.
    best regards

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