How to do charity?

Either my clients are getting more charitable, or they are asking me for more advice on how to do charity! Recently a friend wanted to invest “so much money, so as to create a Rs. 3.6L income for a charitable organisation” – can you tell me how to go about doing that?

My advice is simple – be invested about 45% in large cap equities, 10% in mid and small cap equities, about 15% in Real estate mutual funds (going forward this is likely to be easier), and the balance in debt funds – including Liquid and FMPs. This of course assuming that the clients have patience!

For some clients “absolute safety” is very important immaterial of the inflation – such people should be in liquid funds, debt funds and rbi bonds.

If you cannot take gyrations in the market, you should not be in equities. Simple.

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One Comment on “How to do charity?”

  1. sukumaran Says:

    Good…maybe the bull run is making people more generous…may your akshayapatra benefit!

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