Akshayapatra will ensure India is literate and well fed

Akshayapatra (see other posts and http://www.akshayapatra.org) is a reasonably large organisation. True to Gandhian values they believe that they should aim high, work high and talk less. One recent achievement is that they are now feeding 917,009 children everyday in some school in India.

India, of course, has many more hungry children (who cant go to school because they are hungry)…so here is a request to all of you ….visit that website and open your purses to them. And talk about them to all your friends , their friends, their their friends….and let us make Indian children literate.

Another friend runs a chotta school for tribal kids. When I asked them are they learning. He said, “Frankly, I do not care. There is a kid who walks 3 hours a day to attend school. If I think he is coming for the learning, may be I will be disappointed. But if he is coming for the food, I am happy that he thinks school is a place where he will be fed.” that is all. My friend is a great soul. And this statement is simple.

Gandhiji said once “God dare not appear before the hungry man, except in the form of bread”. So if kids come because of akshayapatra food, and they learn something, I think we should be happy.

Let Annapoorna lead them to Saraswati. After all both are forms of MOTHER, are they not?


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2 Comments on “Akshayapatra will ensure India is literate and well fed”

  1. sukumaran Says:

    Assuming one meal costs Rs. 5, this organisation is talking of expenses of Rs. 50,00,000 PER DAY. God only knows how they get this kind of cash flow! God Bless and help them. Surely it is on a massive scale. Congrats, keep it up. May they reach all their goals. Best wishes.

  2. sukumaran Says:

    the worry about such organisations is the management depth that they have. It normally revolves around a few people. These people are then overstretched and also they refuse to retire. Once the organisation starts feeding say 10 lakh people they will slow down – there is no great need to step on the gas – so they will relax.

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