Charity – nice things are starting to happen

When I started blogging I found this as a good medium for writing about charitable giving. Many friends, classmates, relatives had monies coming out of their ears and seriously did not know what to do. The Audis had been bought, the beach house (a 5 BHK should be called a house or  palace, I know not), the foreign trips made and were looking for some “feel good” actions.

So when I started writing about

I met the people involved, and the enormity hit me. They were then feeding about 900,000 children in schools – the latest count as I have it is 932,000. I found it inspiring and hair raising. Even as I write my eyes turn moist.

A friend who studied from IIM Ahmedabad did some rudimentary research into akshayapatra and has decided to donate Rs. 12,000 (feeding 10 children for a full year) on 10 occasions a year. That makes it Rs. 120,000 a year. More than the amount, I am thrilled about the multiplier effect friends like this can create. Let us say he writes about this in his blog, or his children talk about this in their class, or his wife talks about this with her friends. Or he just tells his kids “everyday when we pray, let us pray to make Indian children well fed”. I guess every thought, every rupee, every prayer, will help akshayapatra help make all Indian kids well fed, and well educated.

Imagine, if you are about 40 years of age – you have seen shortages of milk, food grains, sugar, – and to think that ALL INDIAN children will be fully fed and eduacated in the next 20 years, is that not an inspiring thought?

Come, lets make it.

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