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Doctors and wealth creation self help

July 29, 2008

Doctors can create wealth. A lot of wealth. However, it may or may not happen from their earnings alone. It can happen only with good wealth management techniques. Ha, the word wealth may mean different things to different people. When we talk of wealth we mean an amount of money which will let doctors do what they wish to do rather than what they must do. When Dr. Sunil Balinge and Dr. Dhavale decide to charge Rs. 5 for every patient in a slum in the suburbs of Mumbai, they are putting their wealth to good use.

The distinction is easy to understand – when Mr. Azim Premji, Mr. Ratan Tata and Mr. Rahul Bajaj work at their age of 70, it is by choice. When a 70 year old vegetable vendor or a taxi driver works hard, it is by force.

Wealth creation is largely for 3 purposes – one to support a good life style, second to help you in your non-earning times and very importantly to do charities.

There are enough books and magazines on wealth management, on real estate, on commodities – really that can get you active without earning a dime! Here I am creating a blog which is in the nature of a help for creating, preserving and giving away wealth.

Doctors as a group have a high IQ, they have undergone a lot of training and understand the advantages of discipline. All these are very, very useful ingredients for being a good wealth manager too. Surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly?) creating wealth and managing wealth is a lot like managing health. Doctors only need to be re-introduced to some simple concepts like starting early, compounding, investing regularly, and some such concepts in investing.

If doctors understand that a gynecologist cannot attend to your tooth and an anasthesist cannot perform a brain surgery, surely they will understand that a broker, a chartered accountant, a financial planner and a fund manager have different roles. Won’t they?

A doctor understands the compulsion of a chemist – he cannot charge for time spent, but a doctor can charge for time spent. This is the difference between a financial planner and a product seller. Simple is it not?

Investing is not really rocket science. Wealth management is not as difficult as say brain surgery. However the skills required are not frivolous either. Nor can it be learnt by watching television or reading a generic pink daily.

So here we are empowering you to manage your wealth. You manage lives. This magazine will help you manage your life-style. Empower you to learn about risk, about retirement, about how to listen to your financial consultant, about how to document your assets, about how to plan for your kids’ education, how to set up a charitable trust and such other topics. I wish doctors keep reading my blog and giving me a feed-back about what they would like to see here.