Falling oil prices: good news or bad news?

Oil prices have fallen – from a high of $ 150 to a nice $ 105! However if prices have fallen because there is a slow down in the world economy, is it a good news?

Most people will not be able to decide on whether it is a good news or a bad news! However on the day the oil prices fall, if the market goes up, MEDIa will “connect” the two events. However, media is capable of connecting any 2 events! So beware. There is a “good” and a “bad” to oil prices. Learn to read events not reported in the media.

For e.g when oil prices go up media is likely to tell you that Hotels, airlines, etc. will suffer. However did they every carry a story saying (say in 2006) that since oil prices are low, hotels will benefit, NO. No chance – so please learn to “read” stories not written by the media.

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